Sunday, March 9, 2014


I am very pleased to announce that I have opened my very own shop located in Greencastle, Indiana called Castle City Tattoo! The dream is finally realized! Located at 1139 S. Jackson St, almost across from the bowling alley, I hope to be able to provide those seeking to decorate and embellish their bodies a friendly, clean and welcoming environment to do so.  Hours will be Wednesday through Saturday,  noon to 8 PM.  Walk-ins and appointments are both accepted.  Stop by anytime to say hi, check the place out, look at designs and my portfolio and get tattooed!  I am looking forward to this latest endeavor and hope it's a success.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Clever July Limerick

July is almost over?  Time certainly does fly.  Check out some of the stuff I've done the past four months!

Here is that Mamaw memorial tribute all healed up

A couple more examples of how black and gray softens up when it heals

Louisville skyline in a bicycle chain ring- for the Louisvillian bike enthusiast!
Definitely one of my favorite pieces I've ever done.  This guy let me draw whatever I want, with some limitations- it had to be tough and it had to be metal.  Viking in front of a burning castle is what I came up with!
                                         Some lovely lady arms I've had the pleasure of decorating


I did the eagles and flags and lettering about 6 years ago, added these old-timey spider webs for a traditional look
More black and gray work

Custom dream catcher tattoo 
Rams and Thor's Hammer in black and gray

I'm partial to anything Viking related or black and gray, can you tell?  Frank Frazetta inspired

Black and gray compass tattoo from a design the customer brought in

I had a customer who came in the other day who was black, and asked why many tattooers don't post pictures of their work on black skin.  I didn't really have a solid answer for her.  One reason might be that she's just not noticing the tattoo is on "black" skin because the pictures are just a small swatch of skin showing.  Here are some tattoos I've done on people of some African descent

Traditional rose is a great choice!  I never get tired of tattooing roses.

Her name and her daughter's name

A Leo zodiac sign with orange flowers

Ankh and filigree tattoo

Ankh and A Tribe Called Quest lyrics
An old-fashioned egg beater with her grandmother's initials in the handle. Such a cool idea!

His name is Eli!

Healed up angel tattoo on a forearm

Shears and a barber's pole tattoo
Here are some cover up/ fix up jobs I've done recently

I thought the original tattoo was hilarious but I understand wanting to cover it up

Added new life to these old fishes

Deon who?


Lastly here's some more color work that's been fun.  Thanks for looking! 

A Hoosier tattooing a Hoosier tattoo on another Hoosier while in Kentucky.  So wrong it's right?