Sunday, March 9, 2014


I am very pleased to announce that I have opened my very own shop located in Greencastle, Indiana called Castle City Tattoo! The dream is finally realized! Located at 1139 S. Jackson St, almost across from the bowling alley, I hope to be able to provide those seeking to decorate and embellish their bodies a friendly, clean and welcoming environment to do so.  Hours will be Wednesday through Saturday,  noon to 8 PM.  Walk-ins and appointments are both accepted.  Stop by anytime to say hi, check the place out, look at designs and my portfolio and get tattooed!  I am looking forward to this latest endeavor and hope it's a success.


  1. Hi this is tosha I was in there today and made an appointment for Friday and I just called my boyfriend and he told me that he wants the tattoo done in color and he wants the stars around it