Being born and raised in Indiana to a mother that loved to draw and doodle, I was interested in art and drawing from the beginning of my childhood.  In 2005 while earning my Bachelor's degree at IU in Bloomington, Indiana, I was offered an apprenticeship by Shannon Simpson at his Genuine Tattoo Co.  Shannon was taught by the world famous Tattoo Charlie in Louisville, Kentucky and I am proud to have descended from such greatness.  In 2011 I moved to Louisville to work at and manage Five Star Tattoo.  Two years later and here I am back in my home town of Greencastle, Indiana to be near my kinfolk and open my own business enterprise.  In my almost nine years I have done many tattoos-- from huge cover-ups of existing tattoos, to a nipple on the breast of a woman who had a mastectomy.  Each tattoo I do with kindness and care, which is why I am able to build a clientele wherever I work.  People come back and tell their friends when they have not only been given a great tattoo, but have also been treated with respect.     

My favorite tattoos to do have an old-timey flair about them.  I love to do traditional tattoos, black and gray tattoos, big tattoos, little tattoos, cute tattoos, tough tattoos, whatever.  Anything that makes a statement.  Or if that's not your thing and you just want something that makes you look totally awesome, I can get behind that too.  

Here's a video that I think everyone interested in getting a tattoo should watch.

Here are some images (that I do not own rights to in any way) that I enjoy and in which I find inspiration:

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